Published on July 21, 2016 | by ZALORA Team

Social media marketing is a pivotal part of spreading brand awareness and engaging with our customers, here at ZALORA. In every market, there are designated individuals who live, breathe, and eat social media, and in The Philippines, Lord Rebueno (doesn’t he have such a cool boss name!) is our main man who helms all our social media handles.

This month, we catch up with him to find out more about his daily responsibilities, what he thinks about working at ZALORA and why he insists that Crocs are not advisable for fashionable adults.


meet lord rebueno 210716


Describe yourself in three words.

Tattoos, creative and competitive.


What do you do at ZALORA?

My main role is the Head of Social Media for ZALORA Philippines. Also, I handle Chat Apps, Brand Ambassador Programs and University and School Partnerships.


Tell us more about your role and how it fits the ZALORA team overall.

I handle day-to-day campaign building and channel optimization for all PH social media channels. Aside from social media management, this role entails me to coordinate and engage with social media influencers locally to keep people talking about ZALORA.

Internally here in the PH office, I try to be involved with all departments and teams and show our fans and customers our growing team of fun individuals.


Social media marketing comes with its own unique challenges. Can you share some of these challenges with us?

I guess the first one that pops in my head is that it’s a never ending job. I constantly check if all our scheduled campaigns are posted especially that best post times for PH are usually in the evening. Another would be is that generally, people in social media are very opinionated and they like to voice out what they feel. Sometime’s it’s difficult to distance myself from the campaigns I put out and don’t take what people say or comment personally.
meet lord rebueno
Do you think the hype with social media will die down one day?

I don’t think so. Now that everything is going mobile and it’s very easy to access the internet, people have the need to be updated with everything and everyone.


What do you love about social media?

I love how it’s very fast paced. I admit I easily get bored and with social media being very fast and instantaneous in nature, it keeps me on my toes.


What’s your personal favourite social media app?

I would have to say it’s a toss between Instagram and Snapchat. With Instagram, I love how it’s very visual and i can really show my aesthetic. Snapchat is just there for all the stupid and crazy stuff I do everyday.


If you could join another department or team for a month, which would it be?

I would like to join maybe the Customer Service team. I work with them daily managing social media and i really find it amazing and interesting that they need to know every single thing that’s happening in the company. From current onsite promos, to order tracking and operations. Plus the fact that I think it would be a good test of my patience!


Your favourite spot in Manila is…

It would be Kapitolyo which is a series of streets and side streets with lots and lots of gastronomic and places (not to mention, lots of Instagram-worthy places there!).


meet lord rebueno 210617


[Complete the sentences below]


My next purchase on ZALORA will be… a White Button Down shorts (too much black in my wardrobe).


ZALORA is a great place to work because… I get to be creative and it’s ever-changing so we learn something new everyday


I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing… CROCS! For me people who wear ’em seem like they already lost hope on life. Leave the Crocs to the kids.


Everyone needs a black shirt in their wardrobe.


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